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8 Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Should Own.

I think the most iconic gentleman would have to be James Bond. Raymond Mortimer wrote, ‘James Bond is what every man would like to be, and what every woman would like between her sheets.’

Why is this so maybe he exudes style and sophistication. Or maybe he is just a down to earth kind of guy that loves a drink now and then.

So without further ado here are 8 wardrobe essentials every man should own.

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#2 – Suit

#3 – Brown Boots Or Dress Shoes

#4 – Lightweight Trousers

The ideal lightweight trousers are made of either a synthetic material or a “tropical” weight of wool.

As for color, you can opt for the following:

  • Light or medium gray
  • Light or medium blue
  • Tan

Propper fit is always essential.

#5 – Light Blue Shirt

Once you get yourself the perfect button-down shirt – it can be worn tucked in or out, with the sleeves rolled up or kept as they are.

You can walk along the beach with just 1-2 buttons in place. It will give you an edge and confidence over the other men nearby who are wearing t-shirts. 😉

#6 – Sunglasses

No debates here. Sunglasses are practically synonymous with a tough or badass image. This is true for other men in movies – like Lt. Pete Mitchell (Tom Cruise) in Top Gun. Just remember to double-check the following things before buying a pair of shades:

  • UV protection is ideal.
  • Do they complement the shape of your face?

# 7 – Loafers

How about adding a little leather. It doesn’t matter how casual you want to dress. Loafers can provide a level of class and shophistication that’s above sandals, thongs or running shoes.

# 8 – Timepiece

Perhaps the most famous example of a very versatile watch which can be used in almost any circumstance is the mother of all modern wristwatches, the Rolex Datejust. This watch can be very casual but will also spice up a more formal outfit. It can be worn while swimming or participating in other sports but is also perfect for a gala dinner. It is one of the most perfect go-to watches out there and has been copied by or served as input for many other brands. A Rolex Submariner would be too sporty for formal occasions and a Rolex Day-Date is too dressy for real sports activities, but the Datejust might be the perfect watch for every occasion.

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